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Padel is a variant of tennis that has had a great boom around the world. In Spain it has been played for approximately 23 years. It is also known in other countries as paddle tennis and is commonly played in the Latin American world such as Chile, Brazil, Panama, and Argentina, the latter being a pioneer in the sport.

Padel is practiced in pairs and the count of points is the same as tennis. The balls are the same as those used in tennis, but paddles are used instead of rackets. The term paddle tennis comes from the "paddle" in English, which is the paddle used to play the sport, which is why in some countries it is known as "paddle tennis".

Hombre jugando Padel

Paddle tennis is a very enjoyable sport for people of all ages and, unlike tennis, it does not require a lot of strength to hit the ball, which makes it an ideal and fun physical activity for children, adults and seniors.

Including paddle tennis courts in your residential complex, private club, or commercial club is a great way to increase added value as it is a sport that has grown rapidly in recent years.

At Padel Courts PR we use materials that meet the highest quality standards to make our courts that comply with the official measures of the International Paddle Federation (see more).

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